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Lorne Sanny’s Focus on People

Lorne Sanny became president of The Navigators in 1956. For thirty years, we were to be led by Lorne, a master of clarity. It is not accidental that Lorne often declared his first responsibility as “to clarify, communicate, and maintain the purpose of The Navigators.”


In 1958, after being president for two years, Lorne spoke to the staff conference on Navigator objectives. He affirmed that our overall objective was to glorify God, but that we had a unique purpose within the Body of Christ. It was:

  • To recruit and build men of stature
  • To focus on people, not programs
  • To speed the multiplication process

“The basic objective is to recruit, build, and send men” (Lorne Sanny, March 1957).

In May 1957, Lorne declared, “a man of vision sees before others see; he sees more than others see; he sees more clearly than others see.”

By Donald McGilchrist

Adapted from article titled “Fundamentals of Navigator Ministry”

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